It’s time for Gender Equity in Parliament.

Because it’s 2016.

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Kennedy Stewart

Member of Parliament
Burnaby South

Bill C-237 - the Candidate Gender Equity Act

  • Links existing public subsidies for political parties to gender equity measures.
  • Incentivizes parties into running more women candidates and moving towards gender parity.
  • Parties still have freedom in how they recruit candidates and conduct nomination contests.
  • Based on laws in other leading democracies that have elected more women to office.
  • Designed to work under any electoral system.

Imagine Gender Parity in the House of Commons

Before Bill C-237
(Current Gender Breakdown in Parliament)
After Bill C-237
(Achieving a Gender-Balanced Parliament)


Did you know?

Even in 2016, women still hold only 26% of the seats in the House of Commons.
Canada ranks 60th in the world when it comes to gender parity in our democracy.
Canada won't achieve equal representation in Parliament until 2075 - another 60 years.

Latest News

First Hour of Debate on Bill C-237

Toronto Star: We can fix gender inequality in Parliament

Next week Parliament begins debating Bill C-237, the Candidate Gender Equity Act. My private member’s bill seeks to change our electoral laws and incentivize political parties to run more women candidates during elections. With Canada ranked 60th in the world when it comes to electing women MPs, it is...

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About Kennedy

You don’t need to be a woman to be a feminist. After studying democracy for decades as a university professor, now I have a chance to make a difference as an MP – that’s why I’ve put forward the Candidate Gender Equity Act. After all, it’s 2016.
  • NDP Member of Parliament since 2011.
  • PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University (currently on-leave).
  • Passed a private member's motion in 2013 to bring online petitions to Canada - despite opposition from Prime Minister Harper.
  • Tabled Bill C-237 - the Candidate Gender Equity Act - on February 25, 2016.
Sign the petition: Gender Equity Petition
Gender Equity Petition
Sign the petition: Gender Equity Petition